Conference & Workshop

Conference & Workshop

Every year, parallel Conferences & Workshops are held during the 3 days of the Didac India Exhibition.

The elite Conference, The International Education & Skills Summit (TIESS), now on its 10th edition is attended by the international & Indian education ministers, ministry representatives, owners & senior management of universities, colleges & schools from India & abroad.

TIESS is the best platform for the Leaders of Education and Training sector to:

  1. Discuss the Challenges & Opportunities in education and training Globally
  2. Network with passionate educators, leaders and experts on one platform
  3. Emphasize on various advancements and developments in the Global education scenario
  4. Deliberate on the rapid developments in technology and communication
  5. Recognize the importance of knowledge-based societies
  6. Review the education and skills framework in developed countries vis-a-vis developing countries
  7. Examine the role for various stakeholders


Live Interactive Workshops, powered by India Didactics Association are conducted by prominent companies which help the teachers, trainers, senior management, academicians and professors of education institution in:

  1. Enhancing Teaching and Learning
  2. Explore aspects in using and implementing of technological advancements
  3. Hands-on exploration of topics
  4. Faculty development and technology needs
  5. Formulation and discussion on new initiatives


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